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How Can I Tell If My Roof Needs Replacing?

There are many signs that your roof needs help. If there’s leaking coming from your ceiling or you’ve noticed water stains on your walls, you may have roofing issues. Cracked or missing roofing shingles is another way to tell that someone should come and inspect it.

A no obligation consultation is available at no cost to you. call one of our representatives to assist you today!

How much does a roof cost?

The cost of a total roof replacement is based on several variances. The most obvious size factor is the size of the roof; the more square feet involved, the higher the labor and cost of materials to complete the replacement will be. If objects protrude out of your roof, additional expenses will be needed to cut around these protrusions and seal the areas. A building’s location can impact the cost as well, especially if numerous permits are required.

Should I tear-off existing roof or roof-over the existing ?

Some roofing contractors will install a new roof on top of your existing roof, which is known as a roof-over or roof overlay. This can save some money on the roofing project since there are no costs for roof removal, its also allowed up to 2 layers before adding a third layer. However this could add up weight and affect the look or your new roof, We recommend removing the old roof before installing the new roofing material, which is known as tear-off reroofing, for a better quality roofing job and uncover potential damaged or rotted wood that can't be seeing wen roof installed over the existing .

How is Green Shield Roofing  different from its competitors?

Green shield roofing is a family owned business, operating with no subcontracted work, our employees work on an hourly basis completing each task without cutting corners, every job is administrated and inspected for quality control to make sure the installation in done properly.

we treat our customers with respect and professionalism every step of the way.

We believe on word to mouth recommendations and our work speaks on its own .

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